Teen Vogue Online: June 2014

Neal Farinah is quoted in a Teen Vogue article: How to Get Pretty, Easy Curls Without Using a Single Hot Tool

Soft, wavy hair is just about the most desirable summer style. But sadly, most of us weren’t born with Lucy Hale’s natural curl pattern. Instead, we fall somewhere on the flat-and-limp end of the hair spectrum, which means we’re forced to tong, tease, and scrunch until beautiful, bouncy ringlets finally come to life.

Obviously it’s not news that regular heat styling can take a toll on your mane. After a while, it doesn’t even matter how many masks you apply or spritzes of heat protectant you spray, your strands will still get split or end up feeling dry to the touch. That’s why we at Teen Vogue are gently suggesting a “heat-tox”. “Using a curling iron every day is exactly like ironing the same shirt every day,” says Beyonce’s go-to hairstylist Neal Farinah. “You hair can’t consistently handle that much heat.”

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